My name is Asumpta, the second oldest of nine born to Jim and Francis Murphy. Prior to becoming more involved with my siblings at the age of forty four, the compliant role I had always played within this family had never been questioned.

At forty four, I should have known better than to obligingly secure a business loan for another party; be that party a brother. My nightmare began in 1990 when working for this brother who had involvement with Big W and a former Premier of N.S.W. My compliant ways were to continue for a further eighteen years, until the very one who had made that original request of me, Ma, adopted the attitude that I had imagined the worst of what her wheeler-dealing had actually delivered.

That original loan by the Commonwealth Bank saw me saddled with a borrowing secured for no personal benefit, a third party loan later to be found illegal. It made a large dent to my Marriage Settlement with the seven year Statute of Limitations having passed before my becoming aware of such illegality.

Ongoing developments over the following years were of even more concern.

I had taken no heed of the prediction my husband made; of what would happen to his money if I left him, to thereafter lead a life of trepidation, for he might well discover his prophecy only touched upon what was to come!

It would have done no good for Bert to know the actions of those he’d warned about were more bizarre than he had predicted. For my part, I had even looked to traits from past generations to explain what I had been subjected to.

After so long spent in following Ma's instructions, her Will was as Irish as could be, adding to the friction already in place. Hope of recompense via promises made meant Bert's Marriage Settlement remittances were perversley to be eventually given to the Catholic Church rather than used to put things to right with Bert's former wife, me, Asumpta.

Ma's first duty was always to her Church, filial love was to run a distant second!... Spare the horses!

THE CHURCH resplendent in its browning tail.